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8345 S. Barnards Rd. Canby, OR 97013 503-651-2622

Already fresh picked blueberries and frozen blueberries can be ordered for pickup any day of the week. Price is $27 per 10 lbs (13 pints) fresh packed in a freezer ready, zip-lock bag (cleaned of stems, leaves, soft and green berries). Orders for 100 lbs or more are $26 per 10 lb bag, and 300 lbs or more for $25 per 10 lb bag.

For frozen blueberries only you can come anytime as we are stocked up so no need to order ahead!

Open Hours: Ordered fresh picked or frozen blueberries any day of the week. You-pick is open Wed -Sun 8am-3pm through August. In September and October we will be open Saturdays only for u-pick fall fruit. Nursery plant sales are by appointment only please call Micah 541-543-7566 for nursery stock.


Fresh or Frozen blueberries are packaged in 10 pound bags. We can also do 5 lb bags for fresh berries if requested in the order comment. When ordering, enter total lb in 10 lb increments. Please note approximate pick-up time. Morning pickups 8 am to 10 am are best for us, particularly when you-pick is closed. Pay at pickup; Please pay with cash or check if possible as credit cards cost us over 3% per transaction. For wholesale orders >1000 lb please call for price.

For Pre-Picked Blueberries
For 10 pounds and up: $2.70 per pound.
For 100 pounds and up: $2.60 per pound.
For 300 pounds and up: $2.50 per pound.


Morning Shade Farm is located 7 miles south of Canby (30 miles south of Portland) in a peaceful country setting at 8345 S. Barnards Rd. Canby, OR 97013. See more information and what's ripe by clicking on "What's in Season" below.

New Order

For pre-picked blueberries, in 10 pound bags, for pickup at the farm.