Farm Info

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8345 S. Barnards Rd.
Canby, OR 97013


Open Hours
U-pick and picked berries and orchard fruit
8am-3pm Saturday and Sunday
Closed Mon.-Friday except for order pick ups.

Berry plant sales by appointment all year
The u-pick season starts June 18 and goes to Sept 30


You-pick berries are $1.80/lb

For Pre-Picked Blueberries
For 10 pounds and up: $2.40 per pound.
For 100 pounds and up: $2.20 per pound.
For 300 pounds and up: $2.00 per pound.


We are selling fresh picked or frozen blueberries in 10 lb. freezer ready zip lock bags. We can also pack in flats for an additional $2 charge, or freezer bags in a box for an additional $1. Please note any special packing or other requests in comments section; you would be charged at check out for packing price differences. In addition to top quality frozen at regular price, we also have frozen juice/smoothie berries on sale for $18/10 lb. bag, please note in the comments if you want those -- there is no order limit on frozen berries so please put those orders in the comment section and fresh order quantities under quantity, as there may be supply limits on fresh orders. Price will compute at checkout. THANKS! Click on What's In Season below to check what is ripe and ready for you-pick now.

New Order

For pre-picked blueberries, in 10 pound bags, for pickup at the farm.